Sweet Eats: Banana Chocolate Pancake from The Tractor Room

Bananas and chocolate are a natural pairing, whether you add a few handfuls of chocolate chips to your banana bread or a thick layer of Nutella and some banana slices to a crepe. The combination also works when cooked into a pancake, but few are as expertly executed as the circus-big banana chocolate pancake at The Tractor Room in Hillcrest.

The three-person pancake is made with tender banana segments of all sizes: from small dice to long, thin, slices (as well as a generous handful of chocolate chips, which melt into delicious little pools of rich, dark chocolate). The very best bites are in the center, where the ball of butter has started to melt into the pancake and the chips are extra melty.

A little pot of syrup comes standard, but all you’ll need is a drizzle. This particular ‘cake is made with plenty of butter on the pan, so it’s moist all the way through.

We ordered it as part of a combo meal, which came with two strips of bacon and eggs, but on its own, it’s still enough to feed three very hungry people.

Tractor Room
3687 5th Ave. (Hillcrest)
(619) 543-1007

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